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Oni-Con 2006

Houston's Animé Convention

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Welcome to the Oni-Con LJ Community! This is a community for fans of animé and Oni-Con atendees alike. Located annually in Houston, Texas, home to animé distribution studios like ADV Films, Oni-Con in a con purely for the fans.

Oni-Con was held October 20-22, 2006. As soon as the date for the 2007 convention is announced, it will be posted here.

Community Rules:

1. Be nice. No excessive swearing, flaming, bickering, or general nastiness, etc.

2. No adult material allowed. Talk of hentai or ecchi is fine, but please, no pictures.

3. Stay on topic. This is a community about Oni-Con, so let's try to keep most posts related to the con and events surrounding the con.

Other area con-related communities to keep an eye on:

anime_fest - Dallas' Animé Fest

anime_no_kai - University of Houston's Animé Club

ikkicon - Austin's Ikkicon

kaimonocon - Austin's Kaimono Con (con is tentative and being planned)

oni_con - Houston's Oni-Con (another Oni-Con LJ community)

projectakon - Dallas' A-Kon (nation's longest running animé con)

sanjapan - San Antonio's San Japan (currently the city's only animé con)

shiokazecon - Houston's Shiokaze Con (con is currently postponed)

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