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Oct. 8th, 2007



Oni-con Drama; can I get some assistance, maybe?

After months of work, and after finally having - what I thought - was a secure ride all the way to Houston, the girls parents had to drop the gravel and say "no" for some odd reason. Anyways...

I live in Round Rock. I can't meet up about anywhere in the Round Rock/Austin area.
I'm trying to leave Round Rock around 1 or so on Thursday (however, I can leave friday if the need be, I will just have to contact Sven to let him know that and HOPE not to get my ear chewed off... lol), getting to houston between 5 and 6 for a meeting; as I'm working in security.

I have two others with me. We're all working security.

Please Help.
Drop me a line @ forever_purity@yahoo.com

May. 3rd, 2007



x-posted everywhere


Austin Cosplay Defense Force and Ninja Pirate Anime Store proudly present the Ninja Pirate COS Play contest. Here's the official release!

"The Ninja Pirate is proud to announce that it will be having a Cos Play contest this Sunday May 6th at 2PM at the Ninja Pirate in Pflugerville, Texas. ACDF has graciously offered to judge the COS play event and the event is open to all.
First prize is $50.00 in store credit
Second prize is tickets to Ikkicon 08
Third prize is $10.00 in store credit
There will also be door prize through out.

The COS Play contest is part of the week long grand opening events at the Ninja Pirate. For those who curious the Ninja Pirate is your one stop shopping center for Anime, Manga, Anime related products, Comic Books, Games, Science Fiction and Fantasy. The Ninja Pirate is located in the heart of Pflugerville right off 1825 next to Pflugerville High School at 100 12th St Suite 105.
The Ninja Pirate is open Sun-Tues 11-8 and Wed - Sat 11-12 midnight.
Directions to the Ninja Pirate is fairly simple, get off at the Wells Branch (1825) exit off I-35 and stay on 1825 until you pass Pflugerville High School, make the next right into the shopping center with the Subway and Pizza Hut. We are the store in the middle of the shopping center. Our contact information is:
512 251 0110 or via email: ninjapiratetx@gmail.com

The Ninja Pirate looks forward to seeing all you at the COS Play contest."

See you there!


Mar. 16th, 2007



Video: Oni-Con 2006 - Large Hotel, Large Events

View the official page here: http://www.marzgurlproductions.com/onicon2006.htm

Oni-Con 2006, October 20 - 22
George R Brown Convention Center, Houston, Texas
89.4 megs, 25 mins, 56 secs

Or see the YouTube videos in three pieces here: Read more...Collapse )

Finally, after months of waiting, it's finally here! This video has finally obtained the length that most of the original MarzGurl Productions videos had previously obtained. Check out the clips from panel rooms, main events, video rooms, TWO cosplay competitions, Yoshitaka Amano Q&A panel, ninjutsu, and much, much more! I hope this helps you catch up with your con season. Wish you were here!

Oct. 23rd, 2006



Post Oni-Con: Metric butt-ton of photos...

Wow. Haven't been to an animé con in a few years now, and have never cosplayed before. Well, before this weekend, anyway.

The con was a blast. It was twice as fun as my last (Nekocon 6), and I actually got sleep this time around. I'm so tired right now... been a long day, so I'll just get to the pictures of all the colorful dorks (myself included) who got out and had fun at Oni-Con.

So there's no confusion in the matter, I did not take these pictures (obviously). I got them from dowxp's Flickr account. I'm glad he brought a camera, because I didn't have an opportunity to.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I'm in the straightjacket (natch). It needs to be said that this is not my outfit. I came with nothing to cosplay and Die (the one leading me across the stage above) was kind enough to dress me up as Shinya, both of us from the band Dir en Grey. T'was fun. ^_^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Best Vincent Valentine I've ever seen.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Naruto and Renard? Well, his demon thing... I'ma call it Renard.

There're a TON more under the cut...Collapse )

I am so getting started on a Sheik (from Ocarina of Time) cosplay right away. I'm sure I'll be finding and posting more pictures of Oni-Con soon. Dun want to let it be largely forgotten like Nekocon has ended up being for me.

Oct. 15th, 2006



Looking good so far...

Well, looks like I may be making it to Oni-Con this weekend, afterall. All it took was a little conversing, getting things set up, some compromise... and now I should make my first con in three years.

I need to grab a camera before I go, 'cause I'm not making the mistake I did last time and not getting pictures. :/

Oct. 14th, 2006

Big Boss


Howdy! ^_^

Well, the first entry in the community. Oni-Con hits town a week from now, so I was in the mood, even if I can't make it.

Just in case there are any questions about why a second Oni-Con community has been made (the first can be found here), it's because I didn't see the first before I started this one. It's a bit hard to find and not updated much. So I made an Oni-Con community that would be relatively easy to find, and as full of resources as I can make it. I'm not done yet... just starting, but I feel good with it so far.

What do you think?